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Statistikakademin – We make statistics easy

Statistikakademin is the Nordic region's leading company in statistical software training. We have around five hundred participants in our courses every year with extremely high overall ratings. We constantly hear from participants that they consider our courses to be a perfect introduction to the field of statistics. The overwhelming majority of them are employed as PhD students, researchers, or analysts.

Statistikakademin – We make statistics easy

Get better and more confident in using statistical software with our unique approach. We can provide support in three separate ways, instructor-led training, courses for your group and through statistical consultation.

All Statistikakademins courses are instructor-led and consisting of a mix between lecture and practical exercises. The instructors are highly trained professionals with many years of teaching experience. All course content is developed in-house, only available at Statistikakademin.




Scheduled instructor-led training

Working with analysis in SPSS requires having a basic understanding about statistics. You also need to be knowledgeable about the software to be able to describe a data material using graphs and tables. Our course package will help you getting started with both SPSS and the statistical models you need to perform accurate analyses. We also make sure you have the knowledge needed to interpret and validate the results.


Courses for your group

Choose from our course material and set up a course just for your employees. Our training provides a mix between lecture and practical exercises in our own unique way. We can also adapt any of our existing educations based on your wishes and set up a custom-tailored course based on your needs. The education is available through Zoom or at any location of your choice. Statistikakademin can take care of all practical arrangements related to the education.


Statistical consultation

Individual sessions where one of our highly skilled experts will help you with your statistical work. Our statisticians have experience in a wide range of different areas and can either help you with a limited problem or run an entire project. Regardless of what kind of help you need; you can count on both advice and support to be able to perform correct statistical analyzes.