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Atea Sustainability Forum 17. November 2020

Velkommen til Nordens største mødested for bæredygtig it - digitalt og gratis! Nu samler vi endnu en gang Nordens mest engagerede it-indkøbere og den globale it-industri til en intens og inspirerende eftermiddag med fuld fokus på bæredygtig it. Deltag, brug din stemme og læg fundamentet for fremtidens bæredygtige it-løsninger!

Under dette års Atea Sustainability Forum fokuserer vi på, hvordan de nordiske it-indkøberes fælles styrke kan bidrage til bæredygtig, klimasmart og cirkulær it. I løbet af en tempofyldt halv dag får du mulighed for at lytte til internationale talere og få en idé om, hvor langt branchen er kommet, og hvad du som indkøber af it kan gøre. Vi kan også love spændende nyheder!

Velkommen til Nordens største mødested for bæredygtig it!


Bemærk: Deadline for tilmelding er d. 13. november kl. 08:00

17. nov. 2020, 12:00 - 17:00

Bliv inspireret! Oplev talere fra globale organisationer med bæredygtighed på dagsordenen



Anna Gedda

Anna Gedda


H&M Group

Modeindustrien og it-branchen deler mange af de samme udfordringer. Anna Gedda vil tale om, hvordan H&M, der byggede hele sin succes på hurtig og prismæssig attraktiv mode, blev en rollemodel inden for bæredygtighed.





Deborah Albers

Deborah Albers

Vice President

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

Hør Deborah Albers fortælle, hvordan industrien samarbejder om at levere bæredygtig værdi for arbejdstagere, miljø og forretning, og hvordan Atea Sustainability Focus bidrager til denne mission.

Inspirationsdag fyldt med indsigt og samarbejde




Anna Gedda

Anna Gedda

Head of Sustainability

H&M Group




David Lear

David Lear

Vice President of Sustainability




Chris Wellise

Chris Wellise

VP & Chief Sustainability Officer




Katie Schindall

Katie Shindall

Circular Economy Lead





Deborah Albers

Deborah Albers

Vice President

Responsible Business Alliance



Wendy Phippen

Wendy Phippen

Director of Environmental Compliance & Sustainability



Madeleine bergrahm

Madeleine Bergrahm

Sustainability Manager Nordics & EU Public Procurement




Adam Schafer

Adam Schafer

Director of supply chain sustainability





ASF Advisory Board

Members of Atea Sustainability Forum

Advisory Board




12:00: The digital platform opens

Email with link will be sent out on the 16th of November to registered for the event.

12:30: Welcome and introduction: The ASF story revisited 

Magnus Sallbring, Director of Marketing and Culture at Atea Sweden and founder, Atea Sustainability Focus and Chiara Selvetti, Head of Sustainability, Atea Sweden.

Atea Sustainability Focus is the initiative that brings together the Nordic IT buyers to accelerate the sustainability work of the industry. Hear more about how, in just a couple of years, the global industry has listened to the united voice of hundreds of IT buyers and acted upon their recommendations.

Keynote RBA: "Achieving a sustainable industry – how does the IT sector collaborate?"

Deborah Albers, Vice President at Responsible Business Alliance

The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is the world’s largest coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. More than 150 companies from the IT and electronics industry are members, from leading global brands to upstream suppliers. Deborah Albers tells us more about how the industry collaborates to delivers sustainable value for workers, the environment and business, and how Atea Sustainability Focus contributes to that mission.

Keynote Dell Technologies: "Making Progress Real: Dell’s path to 2030 sustainability goals"

David S. Lear, Vice President Corporate Sustainability, Dell Inc.

Dell’s sustainability leader will highlight the company’s 2030 goals relative to circular economy, climate and supply chain workers, how the goals were built upon a long history of success, and the strategy to achieve them.

Circular economy – the next step

Nordic IT buyers want the industry to become more circular, and according to the ASF Advisory Board the focus should be on closing the loop on materials. Does the industry agree? It’s time to find out how we together can make the circular economy happen.

Panel discussion with the ASF Advisory Board.

Lightning talk HPE: "Scaling a sustainable, digital future"
Christopher Wellise, VP & Chief Sustainability Officer, HPE
The digitalization catalysed by the pandemic offers a once-in-century opportunity to accelerate a circular economy. Yet, in order to scale enabling technologies, we must reconsider how IT is consumed to maximize environmental and economic outcomes.
Breakouts from leading actors in the industry

Sneak Peek: Dell’s Sustainability Innovation Incubatorell
Hear how Dell is unleashing passion for sustainabiltiy in their 150,000+ global team members to innovate for the future.  See the process for prioritizing and advancing submissions and the integration with product and services development engines.
Partner: Dell Technologies
Speaker: Page Motes, Director – Sustainability


The value of dialog and collaboration with partners and customers to reach your environmental commitments
Companies are stepping up to make transformational environmental commitments to reduce their carbon emissions, waste, and reliance on non-renewable raw materials. This year, Microsoft has made commitments across the four environmental pillars:  Carbon, waste, ecosystems, and water.  Tackling deep, systemic challenges requires working together, engaging in dialog and collaborating with our partners and customers.   We will walk through how dialog and collaboration is an accelerator to reaching company environmental commitments.
Partner: Microsoft
Speaker: Wendy Phippen, Director of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability


Redefining strategy – how to align to circular economy principles
In this session you will be able to see how worldwide operating IT manufacturer takes steps to align objectives and targets of an already robust environmental management system to new challenges based on circular economy principles.
Partner: Lenovo
Speaker: Magnus Piotrowski, Senior Manager Environment, Social, Governance (ESG), Lenovo


Circular use of IT is better for the environment – scientific study proves it!
Madeleine Bergrahm, Nordic Sustainability Manager at HP, will share insights from a life cycle study comparing contractual with transactional purchase and use of computers. You will be provided with arguments to move your organization towards sustainable IT.
Partner: HP
Speaker: Madeleine Bergrahm, Nordic Sustainability Manager, HP

Lightning talk Microsoft: 'Transparency empowers customers'

Wendy Phippen, Director of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, Microsoft

Companies are stepping up to make transformational environmental commitments to reduce their carbon emissions, waste, and reliance on non-renewable raw materials.  An important component of these commitments is transparency.  Transparency is crucial to holding companies accountable, empowering the customer and improving the customer experience.  Transparency can include:  Publicly tracking progress through annual reports, producing product specific documents disclosing environmental aspects and impacts, delivering benefit calculators such as a carbon calculator, and engaging in open and honest dialog. We will walk through how transparency can empower customers and, in turn, empower the company to reach their commitments.

Transparency – starting or parting point?

As demands from buyers increase, manufacturers have become increasingly transparent, but the stakes are high. We explore what transparency really means and how we can ensure that more knowledge leads to more sustainability.

RBA:s Guide to Transparency in procurement


Lightning talk Cisco: "Designing for Circularity"

Katie Schindall, Director Circular Economy, Cisco

Circular design is fundamental to our ability to implement a circular economy, both now and in the future. This talk will focus on Cisco’s circular design strategy, and highlight some of the ways in which Cisco’s Circular Design Principles are being embedded in the business and coming to life in its products and packaging.

Breakouts from leading actors in the industry

Bringing Dell’s 2030 goals to life: Product Roadmaps
To achieve Dell’s ambitious 2030 goals, and also meet the expectations of increasingly sophisticated and passionate customers, the product development process must continue to evolve.  Hear about Dell’s approach to their commercial portfolio roadmap.
Partner: Dell Technologies
Speaker: Katie Green, Commercial Product Management Consultant


Artificial Intelligence: Our Forward Escape Plan?
In connection with the World Economic Forum at Davos 2018, WEF together with PwC published a report on how artificial intelligence can help save the planet. Taking this report as a point of departure, I will present how different AI-technologies and initiatives may help realize the UN SDGs and the challenges of the IT industry.
Partner: IBM
Speaker: Patrick Couch, Business Developer AI & Cognitive Technologies, IBM


Learn how to optimize for business and societal value
The concept of Planetary Boundaries can provide a critical new perspective whereby companies can make more meaningful decisions and responses to help us restore a well-functioning planet.
Partner: HPE
Speaker: Christopher Wellise, Head of Sustainability and Mateo Dugand


New Era of Shared Corporate Responsibility
Intel is recognized globally for its achievements on supply chain sustainability. Dr. Adam Schafer, who leads supply chain sustainability initiatives will share Intel’s RISE strategy and 2030 goals that aim to create a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable world.
Partner: Intel
Speaker: Adam Schafer, Director, Supply Chain and Sustainability


Designing for Circularity – an in-depth discussion
In this session, Katie Schindall, Director Circular Economy at Cisco, deep dives into the concept of circular design and invites you to a discussion on how to make a product circular all the way. What is required of every actor in the value chain and how can we collaborate for more product longevity and less waste?

Bring your questions and ideas into this interactive session moderated by Atea Group’s Director of Corporate Responsibility Andreas Antonsen.
Partner: Cisco
Speaker: Katie Schindall, Director Circular Economy
Collaboration is king

Three ASF reports later we give you the opportunity to put power behind the words, a unifying force.

Stay tuned for more info!

Inspiration: H&M and the road to sustainability

Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability, H&M Group

From a sustainability perspective, the fashion and IT industry share many challenges. Anna Gedda tells the story of how H&M, a company built on the idea of fast fashion is becoming a sustainability frontrunner.

Thank you! The day ends at 17:00



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