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Enabling Remote Working for a Sustainable Future

IDC, Citrix and ATEA are hosting a webinar where we will be exploring the Role technology plays in enabling a Sustainable Future for European organizations.

Sustainability has become a key topic for many European organizations seeking the approval of the investor community and their own customers. The current pandemic has only exacerbated the interrelationships between business continuity and environmental sustainability. Yet, many organizations today still lack the necessary visibility into their environmental impact. Implementing solutions to the climate crisis, therefore, becomes an arduous task for most.

Technology has become an increasingly important tool to enable financial growth within the boundaries of the planet, enabling organizations to adhere to current sustainability regulations and customer demands. Technologies such as virtualization, remote working and Cloud, for example, enable organizations to reduce their Carbon Emissions and energy consumption. In addition, given the impact and cost of technology and IT equipment on energy consumption, waste, etc. it is key to understand how technology vendors could be a key partner in the solution and the journey to becoming Sustainable businesses. Nearly 60% of European organizations are already incorporating aspects of sustainability in their RFP processes when selecting IT Vendors today, and IDC predicts that this number will rise sharply by the end of 2021.

18. jun. 2020, 14:00 - 14:50
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