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Global Deliveries

The business is not waiting for IT - focus on your core business and let's help your business out in the world.

Companies like William Demant, Pandora, Jysk, Widex, Joe & The Juice and Bang & Olufsen make use of our Global Delivery Program. It's companies that have all taken a strategic choice to focus on their core business and let us handle the IT part of their global growth strategy. Contact us to learn how we can support your company's global strategy.


Our global delivery model covers all product areas and can therefore be a cornerstone of your company's global IT setup.


When companies expand globally, it is often a challenge to expand the IT infrastructure with a consistent and user-friendly IT setup to work optimally across national borders. By central consolidating of your company's IT costs, you can capitalize on economies of scale and utilize your global power.

When the business is not waiting for IT, it demands the delivery model

Precision is crucial, and often it makes sense to let an external partner take care of the task. It opens up more options in terms of flexibility and scalability in IT deliveries, it creates transparency and can help support your company's strategy.

A global delivery model and a centralized IT administration can help eliminate economic waste, and it may end up having a positive impact on your business goals.

A global delivery model also supports the optimal user experience across your business. No matter where in the world your employees are placed, it should work, as it is a critical success factor for productivity.

Global Delivery Service - Atea

With branches and a huge partner network in Asia, America and Europe, we can utilize the local supply chain and business model and give your business a better global benefit from your cooperation with us.


Whatever IT needs your company's has, we can tailor the optimal solution. Our cooperation contains three basic elements:


One Global IT supplier

One Global IT supplier

One global contract for your whole organization

One point of contact

One point of contact

For a simple and flexible cooperation

Spend Management

Spend Management

Simple prizing structure and a customized invoicing model which gives you control of your assets.



William Demant: Pc clients ready for use - all over the world within a few days



William Demant

Søren Feldstedt
Senior Manager, Logistics & Global Deliveries
Jonas Kjærulf
SVP, Supply Chain Management
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