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Something got crushed.", "goodmorning": "Good morning", "goodevening": "Good Evening", "unknown": "Greetings Earthling", "closebox": "Close the entire box", "savedinspiration": "Saved inspiration", "remove": "Remove", "ateateamdesc": "The people belonging to your Atea team", "teamdesc": "My Atea Team is the people closest to the services and products that you use.", "producterror": "Product error", "enterserialnumber": "Enter serial number", "enterordernumber": "Enter order number", "customerservicemsg": "Do you have anything you're wondering about?", "customerservicedesc": "Do you have anything you're wondering about? Do you have a question? Are you unsure about something? Contact our customer service and we will help you find the right.", "shortdescription": "Short description", "guidance": "Exchange for questions and guidance", "chatwithus": "Chat with us", "more": "More", "selfservice": "Self service", "understand": "I understand", "myateause": "My Atea uses", "browsingagreement": "By browsing, you agree to this.", "send": "Send", "casenumber": "Case Number:", "casedesc": "Describe your case (number of characters:", "serviceheading": "How do I use the error report?", "servicetext": "We provide hardware services in the form of warranty and insurance repairs, as well as providing cost proposals. Please fill in serial number or order number (starting with KO) for help finding your product", "pageviewsdesc": "page views", "devicesdesc": "logged in to different devices", "logindesc": "logins", "trackingorderdesc": "tracked orders", "savedrecdesc": "saved recommendations", "pdfdownloaddesc": "download invoices", "continue": "Continue", "describecase": "Describe your case", "saving": "Saving...", "saved": "Saved!", "selectlanguage": "Select language", "english": "English", "swedish": "Swedish", "language": "Language:" }, "simplesearch": "Simple search", "advancesearch": "Advanced search", "orders": "Orders", "ordernumber": "Order number", "reference": "Reference", "articlenumber": "Article number", "orderdate": "Order date", "deliverydate": "Delivery date", "status": "Status", "contactperson": "Contact person", "searchorder": "Search order", "track": "Track", "description": "Description", "number": "Number", "sendnumber": "Send number", "showmore": "Show more orders", "stats": "Status", "today": "Today", "closewindow": "Close window", "customerinformation": "Customer information", "invoiceinformation": "Invoice information", "deliveryinformation": "Delivery information", "customernumber": "Customer number", "costcenter": "Cost center", "sumexclusive": "Sum exclusive VAT", "vat": "VAT", "suminclusive": "Sum inclusive VAT", "ordering": "Ordering", "handled": "Handled", "submitted": "Submitted", "received": "Received", "partiallyinvoiced": "Partially invoiced", "invoiced": "Invoiced", "currentorders": "Relevant orders", "preliminarydate": "Preliminary date", "updateddate": "Updated date", "moreactions": "More actions", "createreport": "Create error report", "delivery": "delivery", "parcelnumber": "parcel number", "history": "history", "showmorehistory": "Show more history", "selectproduct": "Select product", "serialnumber": "Serial number", "select": "Select", "billingaddress": "Billing address", "invoices": "Invoices", "deliveryaddress": "Delivery Address", "orderspecification": "Order specification", "unitprice": "Unit price", "total": "Total", "clickmore": "Click the More icon to choose to report a fault", "changeddate": "Changed date", "shipping": "shipping", "wholearticle": "Whole article", "selectarticle": "Select article", "show": "Show", "hide": "Hide", "missing": "Missing", "first": "First", "second": "Second", "third": "Third", "fourth": "Fourth", "fifth": "Fifth", "sixth": "Sixth", "seventh": "Seventh", "eighth": "Eighth", "ninth": "Ninth", "tenth": "Tenth", "ordered": "Ordered", "partiallysubmitted": "Partially submitted", "assetText": "These products allow you to report errors", "custinfo": "Customer information", "cust": "Customer", "invoiceinfo": "Invoice information", "invoice": "Invoice", "delinfo": "Delivery information", "del": "Delivery", "of": "of", "searchbyserialnumber": "Search by serial number", "damagedupondelivery": "Damaged upon delivery", "incorrectorder": "Incorrect order", "wrongdelivery": "Wrong delivery", "other": "Other", "serialnumbermsg": "Serial Number could not be found, product information must be filled in manually.", "ordernomsg": "Order number could not be found, v.v. and check the order number.", "incorrectform": "Incorrect form." }, "ticket": { "searchticket": "Search ticket", "ticketnumber": "Ticket number", "subject": "Subject", "date": "Date", "status": "Status", "allstatus": "All statuses", "showmoretickets": "Show more tickets", "createdby": "Created by", "dateregistered": "Registered date", "relevanttickets": "Relevant tickets", "reponserequired": "Your response is required", "customerresponse": "Awaiting response from customer", "commentshere": "Write comments here", "writecomments": "Write comments", "description": "Description", "linkedtickets": "Linked tickets", "tickets": "Tickets", "simplesearch": "Simple search", "advancesearch": "Advanced search", "company": "Company", "cancel": "Cancel", "gopreviousemail": "Go to previous email", "gotonextemail": "Go to next email", "ticketno": "Ticket No.", "type": "Type", "inputrequired": "Your input is required", "waitingresponse": "Waiting for customer response", "recieved": "Received", "inprogress": "In progress", "resolved": "Resolved", "writecomment": "Write comment", "sendcomment": "Send comment", "from": "From:", "to": "To:", "ticketnumberdesc": "Description / Ticket number", "workgroup": "Workgroup", "reference": "Reference", "priority": "Priority", "createTicket": "Create ticket", "filteroptions": "Filter options", "searchdesc": "Search ticket number, description or reference", "createduser": "Created user", "createticket": "Create Ticket", "showmytickets": "Show tickets created by me", "allcustomers": "All customers", "customers": "Customers", "search": "Search", "solution": "Solution", "addComment": "Add comment", "ticketInfo": "Ticket information", "lastupdate": "Last update", "datecreated": "Date Created", "customerreference": "Customer reference", "maxfileserror": "Too many files already 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"errorreported": "Error reported a product", "usedchat": "Used the chat", "usedsearchfunction": "Used a search function", "readsavedrecommendations": "Read saved recommendations", "of": "of", "wantNoticesByEmail": "I would like to receive notifications via email", "wantNoticesBySMS": "I would like to receive notifications via SMS", "wantAlertsByEmail": "I want to receive messages by email", "wantAlertsBySMS": "I want to receive messages by SMS", "wantEshopNewsletter": "I want to subscribe to the Atea eSHOP newsletter", "wantTomorrow": "I want to subscribe to the industry magazine Tomorrow", "title": "Title", "radiusof": "radius of", "workplace": "Workplace", "itproducts": "IT-products", "itatschool": "IT at school", "itstrategy": "IT strategy", "security": "Security", "infrastructure": "Infrastructure", "changeprofilepic": "Change profile picture" }, "notifications": "Notifications", "createnotification": "Create notification", "activenotification": "Active notifications", "messagedetail": "The message created will be displayed to all users in the organization below. You can choose how long it will appear and what priority it should have.", "searchcustomer": "Search for customer", "showmessage": "Message will show", "hours": "hours", "message": "Message", "messagetype": "Message type", "highpriority": "High priority / orange colour", "lowpriority": "Low priority / blue colour", "createmessage": "Create message", "messagequestion": "Who will see the message?", "messageanswer": "Message is shown for ", "timeleft": "Time left:", "type": "Type:", "organization": "Organization:", "highpriorityorange": "High priority / Orange", "lowpriorityblue": "Low priority / Blue" }, "caseconcerntitle": "What about the case?", "manufacturetitle": "What manufacturer is the product from?", "importantinformation": "Important information", "supportcase": "Support Case", "description": "Contrary to what many believe, Lorem Ipsum is not random words. It has its roots in a piece of classical literature in Latin from 45 years before year 0, and is thus over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a professor of Latin at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia", "subjectinformation": "Subject Information", "reference": "Reference", "category": "Category", "select": "Select", "first": "First", "second": "Second", "return": "Return", "descriptionyears": "Contrary to what many believe, Lorem Ipsum is not random words. It has its roots in a piece of classical literature in Latin from 45 years before year 0, and is thus over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a professor of Latin at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia", "returninformation": "Return information", "ordernumber": "Order number *", "ordernumbererror": "Order number", "contactnumber": "Contact name *", "contactnumbererror": "Contact name", "phonenumber": "Phone number *", "phonenumbererror": "Phone number", "email": "Email", "emailformat": "Email in the format something@domain.tld is required.", "invoicenumber": "Invoice number", "business": "Business", "customernumber": "Customer number", "addcomment": "Add a comment", "products": "Products", "name": "Name", "articlenumber": "Article number *", "quantity": "Quantity", "manufacturer": "Manufacturer", "serialnumber": "Serial number *", "reason": "Reason", "unopened": "Unopened", "errordescription": "Error description", "addproduct": "Add product", "change": "Change", "acceptedterms": "I have accepted Atea's return conditions and terms", "acceptterms": "You must accept the return conditions and terms", "descriptionfee": "Please note that a fee is required for returns that are different from \"Damaged on delivery\" or \"Incorrect delivery\"", "articlenumber2": "Article number *", "articlenumberrequired": "Article number required", "quantity2": "Quantity *", "quantityrequired": "Quantity required", "highest": "Highest", "productunopened": "The product is unopened", "productdefect": "Please describe the defect on the product", "save":"Track", "mailsent": "Mail sent!", "returnorders": "Return to orders.", "errorreport": "Error report", "subject": "Subject", "caseconcerns": "The case concerns *", "choosemanufacturer": "Choose manufacturer *", "serialnumber2": "Serial number *", "serialnumberrequired": "Serial number required", "productnumber": "Product number", "productnumberrequired": "Product number is required", "model": "Model *", "modelrequired": "Model required", "productworking": "Was the product working as expected on arrival?", "productdamage": "Does the product have any physical damage?", "productinsurance": "Does the product have accident insurance through the manufacturer? (ADP)", "costestimates": "Do you want cost estimates?", "costestimatesaccept": "You must accept cost estimates to continue.", "productissue": "What's wrong with the product?", "selectsubcategory": "Select subcategory", "selectoneoption": "Select one or more options", "problemdescription": "Please describe the problem as thoroughly as possible", "signsleft": "characters left", "uploaddocument": "Upload document", "close": "close", "billinginformation": "Billing information", "costproposal": "To get a cost proposal, technicians need to physically troubleshoot the product. If the cost is denied after examination, an investigation fee of 500 SEK will be charged, excluding VAT and shipping charge.", "approvequestion": "Do you approve this?", "choicetext": "A choice must be made.", "acceptcostproposal": "You must accept a cost proposal.", "organizationnumber": "Organization number / customer number *", "customernuberrequired": "Customer number required.", "enterinvoiceaddress": "Enter Invoice Address *", "invoiceaddressrequired": "Invoice Address Required.", "enterinvoicemarking": "Enter invoice marking *", "invoicelabelingrequired": "Invoice labeling is required.", "choosetransportoptions": "Choose Transport Options *", "transportoptionsrequired": "Transport options are required.", "contactdetails": "Contact details", "company": "Company *", "companynamerequired": "Company name is required.", "firstname": "First name *", "firstnamerequired": "First name is required", "lastname": "Last Name *", "lastnamerequired": "Last name is required", "email2": "Email *", "emailrequired": "Email is required", "address": "Address *", "streetaddressrequired": "Street address is required", "postalcode": "Postal code *", "postalcoderequired": "Postal code is required", "city": "City *", "cityrequired": "City is required", "phonenumberrequired": "Phone number is required", "ownreferencenumber": "Own reference number", "contactperson": "Contact person if different from the reporter, please fill in contact details", "recieveconfirmation": "I wish to receive confirmation of my case by email", "agreetoterms": "I agree to the terms and conditions of service and support (PDF)", "acceptgeneralterms": "You must accept general terms.", "continueandpreview": "Continue and preview", "preview": "Preview", "readthrough": "Read through and make sure that the information is correct.", "caseconcerns2": "The case concerns:", "manufacturer2": "Manufacturer:", "serialno": "Serial number:", "productnumber2": "Product number:", "model2": "Model:", "productworking2": "Was the product working as expected on arrival?", "physicalimpact": "Physical Impact:", "productaccidentinsurance": "Does the product have accident insurance through the manufacturer?", "troubleshooting": "Troubleshooting / Categorization:", "productdefect2": "Describe product defect:", "uploadeddocuments": "Your uploaded documents", "approvedcostproposition": "Approved cost proposition:", "idno": "ID no:", "invoiceaddress": "Invoice Address:", "invoicelabeling": "Invoice Labeling:", "transportationoptions": "Transportation options:", "customernumber2": "Customer number", "business2": "Business:", "mail": "E-mail:", "firstname2": "First name:", "lastname2": "Last name:", "zipcode2": "ZIP code:", "address2": "Address:", "city2": "City:", "phonenumber2": "Phone number:", "ownreferencenumber2": "Own reference number:", "anothercontact": "Another contact:", "recieveconfirmation2": "I wish to receive confirmation of my report by email:", "agreegeneralterms": "I agree to General Terms of Service and Support (PDF):", "submitticket": "Submit error report", "backchange": "Back / Change", "caseprocessed": "Your case is being processed ...", "thankureport": "Thank you for your report!", "assignedcasenumber": "Your case has been assigned a case number", "referencenumber": "Your internal reference number", "warrantyservice": "Atea Warranty Service will contact you shortly.", "questioncase": "If you have questions regarding your case, please contact our Service Desk and state your case number.", "phonenumbertonval": "Phone number: 020-44 66 00, Tonval 4", "emailgarantiservice": "E-mail:", "gotoorder": "Go to order" }, "useradmin": { "usermanagement": "User management", "all": "All", "add": "Add", "invited": "Invited", "allusers": "All users", "adduser": "Add user" }, "termofservice": "Terms of Service (EULA)", "dashboard": "Dashboard", "relevantorderstext": "Here you can see Relevant Orders, Issues and Recommended Content in the form of Events and Articles. Tip! Save these by pressing the needle icon that becomes a plus.", "sidepaneltext": "Side panel - your shortcuts and favorites", "rightsidepanel": "To the right is the side panel. Here you will find Notifications, Saved Articles / Events, My Atea Team, Customer Service and a smarterReporting Tool for warranty and insurance matters.", "profilemenu": "Profile menu - your personal settings", "toprightpanel": "At the top right you can see your name and picture. Here you will find entries to update and change personal settings under My Profile and the Log Out option", "myactivity": "My activity - learn how to use the application", "providefeedback": "We provide feedback on what you do on MyAtea through Awards, thus teaching you how to use it better. You can collect stars through Number of Login, Save Recommended Articles, and more.", "errorreport": "Error report - smarter and easier", "fillserialnumber": "If you fill in the serial number or order number for what you want to report, My Atea will fill in as much of the rest as possible!", "termsofuse": "Terms of Use", "tomyateaterms": "By pressing \"To My Atea\" you agree to the Terms of Service.", "back": "Back", "next": "Next", "tomyatea": "To My Atea", "dashboard2": "Dashboard", "currentorders": "Here you can see Current Orders, Cases , and Featured Content in the form of events and articles. Tip! Save these by pressing the needle icon that becomes a plus.", "shortcutbottomicons": "Shortcuts of the bottom icons", "bottompagetext": "At the bottom of the page you will find the shortcut icons. Here you will find Events , Saved Inspiration / Events , and under More , you\"ll find My Atea Team , Customer Service and a smarter Error Notifier ", "settingsandpermissions": "Settings and permissions", "profilemenutopright": "You can find the profile menu at the top right. Here are the entries to update My Profile , Notifications , and the ability to Log Out ", "myactivity2": "My activity", "bottombelowmore": "At the bottom below \"More\" you will find the error report searcher. If you fill in the serial number or order number for what you want to report, My Atea will fill in as much as possible!" }, "errorpage": { "unexpectederror": "An unexpected error occurred.", "gotohomepage": "Go to the homepage", "404message": "404 message", "pagenotexist": "Oops! The page does not exist and because of that its all up and down", "pagenotavailable": "The page you tried to access is not available.
Contact your administrator for access.
Do you want to go back to", "startpage": "start page?" }, "reports": "Reports", "goitloop": "GoITLoop", "overview": "Overview", "deliveryreport": "Delivery Report", "SLA": "SLA", "warranty": "Warranty and Product errors", "inventory": "Inventory", "statusreports": "Status Reports", "reportoverview": "Report overview", "casereports": "Case Reports" }, "numerical": { "nth": ":th" }, "redirect": { "sending": "Sending you further..." }, "termsofservice": { "termsandprivacy": "Terms of Service and Privacy Policy", "useofcookies": "Use of cookies", "cookiespara1": "Cookies are very common and can be found on many different websites. My Atea uses cookies for login, statistics and customization of content according to the visitor's wishes and choices. They can also be used to target more relevant marketing activities to our potential and existing customers. A cookie is a small text file stored on the visitor's computer in order to enhance the experience and simplify the use of the site. By using Atea's services you hereby approve this. There are two types of cookies; permanent cookies and session cookies, both of which are used on the Atea websites. A permanent cookie remains on the visitor's computer for a certain amount of time, while a session cookie is stored temporarily in the computer's memory while a visitor is on the site. Session cookies disappear when the visitor closes his browser. If you have a newer browser, it often supports private browsing or incognito browsing. This means that all cookies are cleared every time you close your browser.", "cookiespara2": "If you do not want to allow cookies, you can choose to change the settings in your web browser so that they are not accepted. See the browser's help pages for more information. Some features on the site may be affected unless cookies are allowed.", "cookiespara3": "Cookies are also used to get more reliable visitor statistics on our site, helping us maintain and improve the service we offer. Atea's website uses Application Insights from Microsoft as an analytical tool. This service uses cookies." }, "contracts": "Contracts", "activeContracts": "Active contracts", "contractNumber": "Contract number", "name": "Name", "type": "Type", "reference": "Reference", "startDate": "Start date", "endDate": "End date", "cost": "Cost", "customer": "Customer", "costYear": "Cost/Year", "contractFrom": "Contract from", "contractTo": "Contract to", "customerReference": "Customer reference", "qty": "Quantity", "costUnit": "Cost/Unit", "searchBtn": "Search contract", "showmorecontracts": "Show more contracts", "searchcontract": "Search Contracts", "simplesearch": "Simple search", "advancesearch": "Advanced search", "showmorelines": "Show more lines" } }

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