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It is an exciting era as PCs getting more equipped with AI than before. This shift is already starting to impact users and work processes significantly. 

But how do you get started on your implementation of AI computing projects? What possibilities come with Windows 11? And how do you stay competitive by ensuring that your workforce knows how to utilize the new AI options and gain productivity and efficiency from them?

Is your company ready to embrace a new era of AI PC?

At Atea Insight, we are thrilled to present the cutting-edge advancements in AI and computing. Join us in partnership with our industry-leading partners as we unveil the transformative potential of AI through captivating use cases, dynamic presentations, and live demonstrations, featuring the revolutionary and capabilities of the AI PC.

Reserve your spot today at the forefront of AI innovation.

31. maj. 2024, 09:00 - 15:00
Frist for registrering
30. maj. 2024
Kanalvej 7, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

What you will gain from Atea Insight:

Engaging use cases showcasing the newest AI and computing breakthroughs.

Interactive presentations from leading vendors in the industry.

Panel discussions with leaders in the AI field, discussing the future of computing and how to empower users to thrive in the AI era

Live, hands-on demonstrations of the latest AI-enhanced PC technologies.


An introduction to the latest trends and what the future holds in store for AI and computing. 

Taler: V. Ole Peter Mejer, SVP, ATEA

Discover Intel Core Ultra, a game-changing leap in computing architecture. Revolutionizing user experiences, it unleashes the AI PC era, enhancing CPU performance, graphics, power efficiency, and introducing groundbreaking AI features. This transformative technology empowers users with unprecedented computing capabilities, akin to the monumental impact of Intel® Centrino® on untethered connectivity. Join us to witness the future of computing unfold. 

Taler: Maurits Tichelman, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Communications Group General Manager, EMEA Partner Sales Organization Intel Corporation

Discover the transformative power of Windows 11 and Copilot. Learn how the seamless integration of Windows 11 with modern devices and the productivity-boosting features of Copilot can drive your business forward and empower users like never before. Witness firsthand how this powerful synergy drives efficiency, collaboration, and innovation. 

Taler: Srdjan Starovic. Director, Windows Commercial Solutions Lead, EMEA, Microsoft

What transformative impact will the AI PCs have on user experiences and work processes? Explore how businesses can effectively integrate AI to unlock maximum project- and employee value. Gain valuable insights into initiating and implementing AI projects, including seamless integration with Windows 11 and Lifecycle Management. Discover the crucial role of hardware advancements in enhancing AI capabilities and revolutionizing the way we work. Join us as we navigate the future of computing and empower users to thrive in the AI era. 

With Sara Amini, SVP, Atea Digital Sales, Jeanette Slora Nielsen, SVP Atea Hardware & Software Services, Tanya Helene Christensen, Director and Sales Leader Northern Europe, Jesper Marker, 4P Manager Workstation Nordic, Lenovo, Flemming Pregaard, Chief Technologist, HP Inc, Maurits Tichelman, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Communications Group General Manager, EMEA Partner Sales Organization Intel Corporation​, Martin Frederiksen, Product Manager, Dell Technologies, Claus Holm, Country Manager and IM Director DK, Samsung ​

Explore the full spectrum of opportunities across each vendor in the dynamic demo area. Engage in hands-on demonstrations of AI solutions that showcase their real-world capabilities. Get a firsthand experience of cutting-edge technology and discover how the AI PC will optimize your business.  


IT decision-makers, leaders, and enthusiasts eager to explore the forefront of AI development and the vast array of opportunities it presents.

Look forward to be inspired by:​

Maurits Tichelman

VP Sales & Marketing, General Manager EMEA Partner Sales, Intel 

Jeanette Slora Nielsen

Senior Vice President: Hardware & Software Services, Atea


Flemming Pregaard

Chief Technologist, HP Inc

Srdjan Starovic

Windows Commercial Solutions Lead, EMEA Microsoft


Tanya Helene Christensen

Director Western Europe North, EMEA Microsoft

Ole Peter Mejer

Senior Vice President: Customer Success & Operations, Atea


Jesper Marker

4P Manager Workstation Nordic, Lenovo

Sara Amini

Senior Vice President: Digital Services, Atea


Martin Frederiksen

Client Solutions Product Manager, Dell Technologies

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