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Pressemeddelelse 07-09-2018

Authorities accept Atea’s self-cleaning and enables business on normal terms

Danish authorities have concluded their evaluation of Atea’s self-cleaning documentation following the verdicts in June, and the conclusion is positive. The public sector in Denmark can once again do business with Atea on normal terms.
Atea Facade 2018

Public sector contracting authorities Moderniseringsstyrelsen and SKI have thoroughly evaluated the extensive self-cleaning documentation submitted by Atea and today announce the following: The Danish public sector can once again do business with Atea on normal terms. 


”It is our conclusion that Atea has presented sufficient documentation that the company is reliable and thus, there is no basis for excluding Atea from participating in future tenders,”  Moderniseringsstyrelsen and SKI announce today.


Four former Atea employees were convicted on June 27th and Atea was fined 10 million DKK, which Atea chose to accept. Following the verdicts, SKI and Moderniseringsstyrelsen recommended public customers to either await the final evaluation of Atea’s self-cleaning program or make purchases from Atea conditional on the evaluation. The evaluation now concludes that the public sector can resume business with Atea.


Following EU legislation and Danish procurement law, a convicted company can avoid exclusion from public business by conducting self-cleaning. Since 2015, Atea has implemented a compliance organization with numerous measures to prevent corruption and misconduct. As a result, Atea has received the anti-bribery certification ISO 37001 as the first company in Denmark.


“The authorities’ thorough evaluation of our many initiatives is fundamentally positive. We have worked hard with self-cleaning and compliance and have participated actively in solving the case, which has had serious implications for all involved. We now hope to be able to look ahead and we will continue our strong focus on compliance to make sure that everyone who cooperates or does business with Atea can view us as a reliable and transparent company,” says Steinar Sønsteby, CEO of Atea ASA. 


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