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Get quick answers on how you as a Danish IT buyer - through ASF - can influence the entire international IT industry in a more sustainable direction

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Why is this important?

Success entails responsibility. The whole world is watching Denmark and the Nordic region's work on sustainability issues within IT. There is no other place or region in the world where consumers and procurement organisations set such high environmental and social sustainability requirements concerning IT. We wish to leverage this to disseminate the successful Danish and Nordic approach throughout the global IT industry.

In this way, the work will be promoted and facilitated, and we will also achieve a clear global focus on sustainability problems. As the Nordic region’s largest independent IT company, Atea has the muscle, the confidence and the contacts with the entire IT industry that provide the perfect starting point to rapidly gather information about sustainability problems.

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How does it work?

In late spring, Atea invited all Nordic IT departments to take part in a customer dialogue that gave them an opportunity to describe the most important areas for them, right now, within IT and sustainability. The responses will be compared with a broad industry analysis prepared by Ethos, and then considered by an Advisory Board comprising representatives from Nordic enterprises and organisations with managerial responsibility within sustainability and digitalisation.

The Advisory Board members will then draw up a report that will be submitted to the Global IT Industry's coalition for Sustainability Issues, Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), and other stakeholders, once a year. The report presents recommendations for the measures and steps to be taken by the IT industry going forward.

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Who is the customer survey aimed at?

The target group is IT, procurement and sustainability teams at companies and organisations throughout the Nordic region.

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What is the aim of the initiative?

The aim is to help the global IT industry to focus its efforts and thereby speed up the pace of creating a better world. The recipients of the report are primarily the global IT industry’s Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) coalition, but other organisations that work with sustainability are also welcome to read the report. We also hope that we can inspire other industries to work in the same way.

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Who are RBA?

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is an industry organisation that since 2004 has worked to improve ethical standards in the IT industry and make its operators more socially and environmentally responsible. RBA was established by eight leading IT producers and now has more than 140 member companies from different parts of the supply chain. Together, the member companies have around 6 million employees. In 2016, Atea ASA successfully applied for membership of the organisation.

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Who is on the Advisory Board?

Atea Sustainability Focus Advisory Board comprises independent representatives of leading enterprises and organisations within IT and sustainability in the Nordic countries. In 2019, the Board had representatives from: Ikea, H&M, Alfa Laval, Nordea, Uppsala Municipality, Malmö Municipality, Systembolaget and SKL Kommentus.

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How does RBA view the initiative?

By incorporating input from the Nordic market in their business strategy for sustainability, RBA members can drive the development focus on sustainability problems in a whole new way - faster than before and with better results.